Friday, November 25, 2011


Giving thanks has a special energy which heals the body and feeds the soul. In addition it sends waves of positive light to the people and the situations for which the thanks is being expressed. In the western American world today is the annual day of thanksgiving. That collective energy of thanks is extremely powerful for individual health as well as the health of the planet. Carry this into your daily spiritual practice. Move through your day giving thanks for the bed you wake up in and the people that surround you, the water that cleanses you and your home and food. Offer blessings for your food-- when you do this it raises the vibration of the food and makes it more nourishing for your body. Express gratitude for the work and abundance that is in your life or coming your way. Offer thanks for what is and what will be in all areas of your life.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Uncertain Times

Worldwide these are uncertain times. this creates a collective energy of fear. The earth's energy is fragile and volatile. No one can be certain where an eruption of the earth will occur next. We are unconsciously offering our energy to the earth for it's support and survival, thus our energy is depleted also.You are afraid for yourselves and your children. You may be afraid of financial insecurity, you may be emotionally vulnerable. And so there is nothing left to do but surrender-- surrender your fear, and surrender Mother Earth. This leaves both upheaval and safety in the hands of the divine. Some will learn from the upheaval, some will learn from safety. Freedom is the result of surrender and creation is born out of unknown realms.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moving Forward

  Living in the present moment and moving forward appear to be juxtaposed.  However, moments are fluid and as one moment moves to the next, there is forward  movement. In the movement are you moving away from something or toward  something?
 If the energy flow is primarily away from something you may feel a pull backward  to what is familiar. If the energy flow is primarily toward something find a  balance with speed and smoothness, or you may find disturbing stops and starts  along the way. If the pull is equal you may feel stuck.  So return again to  focusing on the moment, rather than on the future of the past.
 Allow the moment to move you forward.  It is with the divine that you can hold  the moment and the future vision simultaneously. It is in this simultaneous  experience that you have the power to create your future. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Releasing Conflict

Conflict occurs when feminine and masculine energies, as well as egos, are out of balance.

Ask the divine for balance; do yoga postures or energy work that balances these energies. Conflict occurs when you hold the right-wrong point of view. To shift this, sit in a place of allowing yourself to be as you are, and the other party to be as they are.

You are not right or wrong, and they are not right or wrong. As you sit with this allow your breath to show you where your resistance is to letting go of being right. Breathe through it. Send love energy to that part of you that resists. Send love energy to the party you are in conflict with. Seek peace.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Going Within

You often look for the solution "out there". You hope that your parent, or friend, mentor, counselor or psychic will have the guidance and answers you need. Those are good sources to rely on for input, but your true answers must come from within.

Find some quiet moments and go within-- breathing gently. Notice where your body is holding on and where it is letting go. Notice the landscape of your psyche. Are there images or sensations? For intruding thoughts or disturbances, put your hand over your heart center and ask for their release. Use your breathing pattern to take you more deeply within. Notice what thoughts and feelings bring you angst, and those that bring you peace. Notice where you want to fight and where your breath takes you to surrender. In this place, relax. In this place you are divinely connected, and there may be no answer, or it may be that the answer surprises you.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From Mary

The last several months have been a dark night of the soul time for me as I continued to grieve the death of my mother, and also struggled with how to best meet my youngest children's needs without the co-operation of their father. It has taken much time, energy, resolution of conflict, and finally surrender.

In spite of this I have had joyous times with family and friends and made sure that children and grandchildren got my attention.

Although Divine Mother as well as Christ energy has been very present with me, I could not find the energy it takes to focus and allow her to come through. I can now-- i have missed you.

Love, Mary

Monday, July 11, 2011


In the quiet moments it is so much easier to connect with yourself and the divine. In the mystical presence of the ocean, or with the majesty of the forest trees you can gaze at the wonder and know the divine. you may close your eyes an breathe in the surf, or the smell of the woods and go within. Breathe past the chatter of your mind, your judgements, your fears. Got to the quiet sweetness of you. Notice the stillness. Remember how you love, and know your own clarity, meet your soul again. Know that all is well.

From Mary: I am at my friends Becky and Thomas' wedding today. I only do this occasionally for family and friends who desire the eclectic wedding ceremony. I have the honor of facilitating the ceremony. It is beautiful to feel their love and the love of their family.
Divine Mother, speak to us about familial love.

Divine Mother

more later...